Thin Client Evaluation Guide -- A Sales Tool Which Sets You Apart & Can Reduce Your Cost Of Sales

Thin client technologies have been used successfully for almost two decades.  Now with the tidal wave of virtualization, centralized deployments of applications has found new "legs".  Back in 2002, many mid-sized organizations were just beginning to look a Citrix and other alternatives for the first time.  

From 10,000 feet, many CIOs were prepared to acknowledge the business case (vastly reduced administration, more agile deployments, increased control, increased user satisfaction, great economics), but for many the worry was still there.  Would it really work?  Oddly enough, there was a perception that thin client technology had of a lot of moving parts.

One solution to this new technology perception problem, was a detailed guide for a proof-of-concept.  In some cases, the guide was enough and the POC was really a pilot!  No one wants to add cost to a sales cycle.  But sometimes, the cost of the sales cycle is when you lose!  If you have an option which increases your chances of helping the customer make a positive decision, that can be a great sales tool.

Attached you can see the first two pages of the Thin Client Evaluation Guide:  


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