New Technology -- First ebXML B2B Sale -- Oracle Reference

Not every great deal gets a big write-up.  But Oracle's ebXML B2B win at a leading distributor of agricultural chemicals got just that in the online Web Services Journal.  This deal was a competitive win for one of Oracle's first ebXML deployments.  And as you can see from the write-up, the win turned into a very nice reference!  And the customer continues to enhance the environment. 

From a sales perspective, the win was particularly sweet, coming at the end of Q4.  (The win actually became "deal of the week" in Oracle's North American sales system.)

The technology itself was new for the customer.  B2B integration between trading partners is slowly, but surely, becoming a competitive necessity.  But until the advent of solutions such as Oracle's standards-based and BPEL-driven ebXML option, realizing the B2B dream was difficult.  In the context of a major proof-of-concept, which involved a very specific test of connectivity with a supplier, the deal was closed.

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The article, by ebXML guru David Webber and Oracle product exec Nishit Rao, was originally suggested by your host.