Product Marketing

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Product Marketing Creates Value! And Bridges The Gap Between Sales & Engineering!

Did you know there's a secret to selling software?

A secret that is all too often overlooked? 

Take those two words: "software" and "sales". There are few modern occupations aside from sales and software engineering that have as high regard for themselves as these two demanding and hard-driving careers. 

But sales people and software engineers aren't successful in a vacuum.  For starters, they have to talk to each other!  The successful software vendor must be an organization where software engineering and sales are effective as part of a team.

That's the topic of this blog post: How software engineering and software sales talk to each other. 

Interestingly that dialogue between sales and software engineering doesn't work very well if it is attempted directly.  The worlds of software engineering and sales are too far apart to bridge face-to-face.  But there is a catalyst that will support dialogue between software engineering and sales.

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